A more suitable indexed image archive

Chromatik doesn't appear to be a reliable image index, because of the lack of support by its operatorExalead. Possible alternatives are:

  • Flickr

  • well supported and reliable

  • only 16 colours available and multiple colours per query (undocumented, but available)

  • search by (visual) types and categories (undocumented, but available)

  • Imagga multi-colour search

  • not yet available, but free access, as soon as testing begins

  • intelligent colour clustering

  • full RGB range, up to 5 weighted colours per query

  • can distinguish between foreground and background colours

  • Picturelicious

  • requires self-hosting

  • only clandestine image archive use readily available

  • very simple indexing approach, no clustering

  • full RGB range and an arbitrary amount of colours per query

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