KaleidOK sample (STT + Synesketch + Chromatik)

We successfully chained together the building blocks from the previous experiments in sets of two (STT + Synesketch, Synesketch + Chromatik).

  • Unfortunately Chromatik’s colour search is restricted to 12 predefined hues and grey scale colours with 7 different combinations of saturation and brightness; using Synesketch colour palettes directly is impossible. Promising solutions:

  • manually construct different colour palettes that are subsets of Chromatik’s colours and approximate the originals, or

  • infer the “nearest” colour from Chromatik’s colour set from arbitrary colours.

  • Requires a suitable metric for colour proximity.

  • Currently there’s a custom algorithm to distinguish greys and Chromatik’s 12 hues, and to round to the nearest colour bin based on distance in the saturation and brightness space.

  • Result sets shrink rapidly with each additional searched colour, unless their weight is small (<10% with 3 colours).

  • Use experimental code to write reusable programming interface for a Chromatik connector.


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