KaleidOk invites participants to use a new kind of interactive media tool and take part in an emerging experience which explores speech recognition, media retrieval and visuals generating in a collaborative context (between people, and between people and machines).


By sharing data in new and creative ways, we can interact with world events, emotional experiences and social exchanges. Technology has made a kaleidoscope of diverse cultural expressions accessible, and KaleidOk offers a platform for people to explore the connections between their internal dialogue and the outside world

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There is a demand for engaging, interactive content for public screens. We present an emotional spoken word image retriever and visualiser made with the goal of enhancing the emotional expression had with a display. We employed a method of applied research, which involved system development, artistic practice and user studies. Through this journey we found that by displaying affective visual feedback of speech people are more than willing to express themselves emotionally and have more meaningful experiences with the interactive content than is currently widely available. (2015)

The most advanced

communications tool already exists,

the human voice



Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Observe is a collaboration of the research groups Media Design Technology, and Ethics and Technology of Saxion University, University of Amsterdam and the University of Leuven. Participating also is an extensive group of creative and outdoor media companies.

Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek

SIA finances and stimulates applied research in colleges. The Authority has a place within the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. SIA sponsor research that is crucial to their task to create and disseminate new knowledge for education and professional practice.



Lead Programmer



My background is in informatics and software engineering, specifically software development and web technologies. I am very interested in information management, pattern recognition and data analytics.

In the future I see much more automated solutions heavily based on machine learning as opposed to static algorithms especially in the analysis of large and very large datasets.


Director, Designer, Researcher



My passion is to find opportunities that transcend boundaries of language, geographic location, and the senses; to enhance creativity in communication with each other and with computers.


I look forward to a greater synthesised approach to the arts, technology, social and life sciences. Let's work towards a contemporary renaissance, enabled by communities with open access to information and technology to generate equal control of individual empowerment.



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